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About Bradenton Tropical Palms

Bradenton Riverwalk near BTPBradenton Tropical Palms (BTP) is a 55+ gated Mobile Home Park located in Bradenton, FL. Founded in 1936 by the Kiwanis of Bradenton, it is one of the oldest continuously operating parks in the United States. Opening originally as a seasonal campground for "Snowbirds", it was transformed in the 1960’s into the Mobile Home Park of today. In the mid-1990's, the Park changed the organizational structure to a Resident Owned Cooperative.

Residents of BTP enjoy the pleasure of being a socialite or serenity seeker. Our peak social season is November through March, when the most people are here and volunteers are available to work events. Activities include a golf league, shuffleboard league, bingo, organized games, line dancing, dinners, parties and so much more. Bingo and dinners are offered year-round.

There are three ways to become a resident of BTP. First is to become a shareholder, where you own your home and the share it occupies. As a shareholder, you become part of the park’s ownership and can serve on the Board of Directors. Shareholders pay a monthly maintenance fee.

Another way to become a resident of BTP is to own your mobile home, but lease the lot your home occupies. Tenants have full use of the parks amenities and are encouraged to participate in all social activities, but can’t participate in the government of the park.

Enjoy active 55+ lifestyle at BTPFinally, you can become a resident of BTP by renting a mobile home. Rentals are available from the park and from individual shareholders. Many rentals are seasonal, but year-round rentals are welcome, too.

Once you’re a resident, you’ll get to enjoy all the great amenities. BTP has one of the largest swimming pools in the area. At 45’ X 60’, it’s big enough for serious swimmers and serious floaters. There’s also a large hot tub for your enjoyment.

Beyond the park, Bradenton offers a host of activities. We’re just two miles from Riverwalk Park, where you can ride or bike along the 3-mile roundtrip path. The Manatee Players Performing Arts Theater is just minutes away, where you can see incredible performances. You’ll fall in love with the vibrant and wonderful culture in Bradenton.

We can’t wait to welcome you to Bradenton Tropical Palms!